1 1/4" Diameter, Stainless Steel Gyford Security Cap

1 1/4" Diameter, Stainless Steel Gyford Security Cap

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Gyford Security Caps are designed to deter theft and vandalism. They are shorter than standard aluminum caps, making them more difficult to grip and remove without tools.

They also have a pin hole in the side of the cap. Insert the HD-SCT Security Cap Tool (sold separately) to apply extra torque and tighten the cap against the material surface.

Like the rest of our Stainless Steel parts, the SO-SSCAP4 is made from high-quality, 316 stainless steel that is hand polished to a stunning finish.  The cap measures 1 1/4" diameter by 3/16" tall, and is  tapped 5/16-18 to accept any of our free studs (included with purchase).

Note:  Due to the stem on this cap, the minimum recommended material thickness is 5/16".